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Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS)Procedures Manual


1. Policy Statement, Key Principles and Values, Legislative Framework, Key Terms, Organisational Structure and Key Roles

  Policy Statement  
  Key Principles and Values  
  Legislative Framework  
  Key Terms  
  Organisational Structure and Key Roles  

2. Responding to Allegations and Concerns

  Children – Management of Allegations and Concerns  
  Adults – Management of Allegations and Concerns  
  Disclosure of Abuse and the Sacrament of Reconciliation  
  Safeguarding Plans – Management of Risk and Support within the Church  
  Cross Boundary Placements  
  National Policy for the Support of those Affected by Allegations of Abuse within a Church Setting  
  Commissioning Independent Investigations and Independent Assessments - to follow  
  Safeguarding in Independent Schools associated with Religious Congregations  
  Independent Risk Assessment  

3. Information Sharing

  Information Sharing  
  Access to Records  

4. Creating a Safer Environment

  National Policies for Creating a Safe Environment for Vulnerable People in the Catholic Church in England and Wales  
  Safer Recruitment Practice Including DBS Disclosures  
  Whistleblowing Policy  
  Testimonial of Suitability Supply Clergy  

5. Information Sheets, Good Practice Guidance, Standards, Flowcharts

Information Sheets

Good Practice Guidance

  Guidelines Supporting People who may be Experiencing Domestic Abuse  
  Safeguarding and the Ministry of Healing  
  Information Sharing Protocol  
  Re-integration into Ministry  
  Risk Identification Framework  


  Recording a Disclosure of Abuse, an Allegation or Concerns  
  Review Panels  
  National Standards for Induction, Supervision, Support, Training and Appraisal  


  Flowchart: How to Respond to Concerns about a Child or Young Person  
  Flowchart: How to Respond to Concerns about an Adult who may be at Risk of Abuse or Neglect  
  Flowchart: For Communication and Cooperation within Religious Owned/run Parishes  

6. Forms and Appendices

  Forms Library  
  Catholic Keywords  
  Using this Manual  

7. Additional Safeguarding Resources

  Child Sexual Exploitation  
  Children Affected by Gang Activity and Youth Violence  
  Children from Abroad  
  Children of Parents with Learning Difficulties  
  Children of Parents with Mental Health Problems  
  Children of Parents who Misuse Substances  
  Disabled Children  
  Domestic Violence and Abuse  
  E-Safety: Children Exposed to Abuse through the Digital Media  
  Fabricated or Induced Illness  
  Female Genital Mutilation  
  Forced Marriage  
  Harmful Sexual Behaviour  
  Honour Based Violence  
  Organised and Complex Abuse  
  Safeguarding Children and Young People against Radicalisation and Violent Extremism  
  Self Harm and Suicidal Behaviour  
  Spiritual, Cultural and Religious Beliefs  
  Trafficked Children