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This table indicates the areas that should be covered during an induction period for specific roles and gives indicative timescales from date of appointment for completion. It does not include Parish Safeguarding Representatives.



Date role commenced:




Name of Line Manager / Supervisor / Supporter:  

Standard Timescale for completion Date achieved Signatures

1. Handover meeting between old and new post holder wherever possible.

  • Key tasks;
  • Current cases and issues;
  • Current training programmes;
  • Local issues.

2. Know where to turn for support and guidance in your job/role.

  • Supervision and support policy;
  • Arrange dates and times for supervision or support sessions.
3. Have an understanding of relevant local and national Church structures for safeguarding children and young people and adults.      
4. Know what meetings to attend e.g. SC/SA national meetings, strategy meetings, MAPPA meetings; case conferences; training and support sessions in parish/ Diocese/ Religious community.      
5. Knowledge of key statutory services - Police, Social Services, Education, Health, knowledge of relevant legislation, referral processes, investigative processes, strategy meetings etc.      
6. Have a list of the names and location of groups and organisations dealing with children and adults in the parish/ Diocese/ Religious Community and know the names of leaders.      
7. Awareness of IT systems in the parish/ Diocese/ Religious community and the national database.      
8. Be familiar with multi-agency child and adult safeguarding policies and procedures.      
9. Be familiar with Catholic Church national safeguarding policies and procedures.      
10. Have a clear understanding of the need for confidentiality - read and sign policy.      
11. Awareness of the Annual Report process.      
12. Awareness of training policy and procedure for application/ approval for courses.      
13. Read the Parish Pack.      
14. Be aware of relevant clerical and administrative systems and documents in the parish/ Diocese/ Religious community.      
15. Introduction to record keeping, filing systems in the parish / Diocese/ order.      
16. Be familiar with Department of Health guidance - Working Together to Safeguard Children.      
17. Awareness of risk management issues.      
18. Have a clear understanding of safe recruitment processes and the DBS process within these.      
19. Be aware of Nolan - A Programme for Action and Cumberlege - Safeguarding with Confidence.